In the event that you would like to reset your NVR to the factory default settings, you will need to have the password for the admin account of the NVR. If you have forgotten your admin password please refer to the password reset instructions located here:
Log into the admin account. Then go to the main menu by right-clicking anywhere on the screen and selecting the main menu.
From the bottom settings row of the main menu click on the system icon in the lower right-hand corner
Then from the menu on the left click on default.
You will then see a button in the lower left that says factory default.
Clicking this button will restore the NVR to the default factory settings including the password.
This will not delete any recorded footage on the hard drive. To delete recorded footage you will need to format the hard drive in the storage settings.
IMPORTANT! This will not reset camera passwords. You will need to use the same password that you were using prior to factory resetting your NVR. If you use a different password you will receive errors on all of your cameras that say invalid username or password. This is because the cameras will still have the old password. So make sure that after you factory reset the NVR you use the same password that you were using previously.

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Gary Zito