To reset your password you will need a smartphone and an app to scan QR codes ( DO NOT try to use MontavueGo for this. IT will not work. You need a dedicated QR code reader). You can download an app by searching in your app store for QR code reader or Qr code scanner. Next, you will need to get to the login screen on the NVR. To do this right click anywhere on the screen and select the main menu. This will bring up the login screen. Click on the Lock icon as shown in the image below. (NOTE: you must be at your NVR to reset passwords. You cannot do this remotely.)

You will then see a screen with a large QR code and instructions. You will need to scan the QR code. This is going to give you a long list of characters. You will then need to email that entire string of characters to If you entered an email address when you set up the NVR you will need access to that email. This is where your security code will be sent. If you did not set up an email address you will be prompted to enter one. Once you have scanned the QR code and emailed the string of characters to support you will then receive an email with a security code. You will then enter this code where it says security code at the bottom of this screen. You will then be prompted to create a new password.

If your NVR does not have this option it is likely that your NVR is running older firmware. We recommend that you upgrade your NVR to the latest firmware by selecting your NVR and downloading the new version here. Once you have downloaded the .bin file you will need a USB thumb drive or external HDD with a USB connection. Copy the .bin file to your USB drive. Then plug the drive into any of the open USB ports located on your NVR. As soon as you plug in the drive you will see a box pop up asking what you would like to do. Select system upgrade then find and select the .bin file on your USB drive and click start. The NVR will reboot once the upgrade is complete.
If you are not able to do this or do not wish too there is another option to reset your password. This involves changing the username from admin to 888888. The password will also be 888888. This will allow you to log into the NVR. You will then need to perform a factory reset. This will not delete any files from your hard drive however it will reset all of your settings such as your recording settings, schedule etc. You will perform a factory reset by going to the main menu. Then from the bottom settings row you will click on system. Then from the menu on the right, you will select default. There will then be a button in the lower left that says factory reset. Click this button. The NVR will restart you will then be prompted to set a password. The old password or default password will be admin.

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Gary Zito