How to access your NVR and IP Cameras via MontavueGO Mobile app for PC and Mac

  1. Download MontavueGO from under Software & App Downloads. Click the download open, it will open a new window with MontavueGO Setup and please double click or right click and press open.

2. Click “Yes” when it asks “Do you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your device”.

3. MontavueGO app will pop up select language and check that you have read and agree to the agreement once you have read it.

4. Select what you would like to download, most people download both applications. The Storage Service allows you store and record footage straight to your PC.

5. Click next, and then click install on the next page.

6. After it is finished installing, click run MontavueGO and then click finish.

7. Create a password, and then enter it again. Creating more complex passwords will give you more security and the password strength bar will show how strong your password is.

8. Click auto login for easy login every time you open the application. And then login.

9. The MontavueGO app will open.

10. In the upper left hand corner click Search or +Add. With search it will find all cameras and NVR’s on the network your computer is hooked into via hard wire or wifi. The +Add is a manual process to add in your NVR or cameras via serial number or IP/Domain.

Search: In this case it popped up the NVR in number 2 as you can see by the IP address. Select the check box next to the device you want to add and click the Add button.

It will then pop up login information, this is the login you use to login to the NVR locally, not the user name and password for the application.

+Add (manual add): If you click the +Add button the following screen will pop up. In device name you can label it home, business, whatever you would like.

Recommended Method to add SN (serial number): you can use this whether you are on the local network or not. It is the same theory as you putting the serial number or scanning the QR code with your mobile app on the smartphone or tablet. You can find the serial number on the label of your device, the sticker on the top of your NVR with the QR code, through the IP config tool, or through the web browser and IP address. Enter the serial number and then the login you use to login to the NVR locally, not the user name and password for the application.

Advanced Method to add IP/Domain:  you can either use IP/Domain if you are viewing on the local network (computer hooked into same router your NVR is), or viewing on an outside network as long as you have setup port forwarding. You can find your IP address via the IP Config tool or from your NVR in Network Settings. Enter the IP/Domain address, and then the login you use to login to the NVR locally, not the user name and password for the application.

11. After logging in, it will take you to the following screen, it may show status as offline for a moment, but then should turn green and be online. Your NVR is now accessible in the application.

12. To access live view and other features, click the + tab next to devices on the top bar. Once you click plus you will be brought to the following menu. As you can see there are many options, the most commonly used are Live View, Device CFG, and Playback.

13. Click live view. Then on the right hand column, go to default group ->name of your NVR -> then double click the camera. As you click the cameras they will populate in the grid. We will go through other features in more tutorials. Have fun!

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