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6 Responses to “Network Video Recorder Manuals (NVR’s)”

  1. Carson

    Having trouble setting up recording for my cameras. Have them all connected and can view them on my app and HDMI output, but want to know how to continuously record all of the cameras for as long as they can, then just re-write the info after a number of days if possible

    • Gary Zito

      this is the default setting. if you have not done any configuring then any camera that is connected to the NVR will record continuously. once the hard drive is full then it will start to overwrite the oldest footage. you can see your recorded footage by going to the main menu. then click on search. Any days that have recorded footage will be shaded. Days that do no will be outlined. Click on a day that is shaded. Then check mark one of the cameras from the list below the calendar. If you do not see any recorded footage then you may want to make sure that the date and time are correct on the NVR. If you continue to have issues please call tech support (888) 508-3110

  2. Greg

    The NVR has two USB ports. Does the NVR support a keyboard?

    • Gary Zito

      Hi Greg,

      Unfortunately, the nvr does not support a keyboard. You must use the USB mouse and the on-screen keyboards that appear when you click in an editable area.

  3. Jason Kotula

    Is there any way to reset the NVR to factory settings?
    While setting up my system, I changed my NVR display setting from 1290 x 1080 to the top selection option 3400x 2xxx (60mps).
    [I don’t remember the exact numbers.]
    I am connected to a TV through hdmi.
    After selecting the new display setting, I was prompted to do a system reboot in order for it to apply.
    The system went through reboot, the white Montavue screen came on, and after a short time, the system beeped and continues to run however, The TV is now displaying no signal while the NVR continues to run. I rechecked all external connections and tried process again with same result.
    I oder for me to needed turn off the NVR , I had to turn off by using the toggle switch on NVR back.

    Is there any way to reset to factory setting or fix this issue without having the ability to view the display on TV screen.

    Thank you..
    Jason .

    • Gary Zito

      Hi Jason,

      You will need a computer that is connected to the same network (router) as the NVR. You will then need to find the IP address of the NVR. This can be done a number of different ways. You can log into your router and look at the attached devices and determine which one is the NVR. If you have MontavueGo for PC already installed you can go to device and click auto search. This will scan the network and look for any NVR’s or cameras attached to that network. Lastly, you can download and install the ipconfig tool which will also scan the network and look for any NVR’s or cameras. You can download the IP config tool here: https://wiki.montavue.com/ip-configuration-tool/
      Once you have discovered the IP address of the NVR you will type this into the Address bar of your browser preferably Chrome. This will bring you to the log in screen of the NVR. Enter your username and password for the NVr.
      Once logged in there are two different user interfaces depending on your NVR. The first will have some tabs in the upper right-hand corner. One of them will say settings. Click the setting tab. Then from the menu on the left click system. Then click on display. Here you will be able to reduce the display resolution to something that your TV or Monitor supports. The second user interface will have a black background with large icons. Below the icons, there will be two dots. Click on the second dot to reveal the second page of icons. Click on the Icon that says display. You will then be able to change the output resolution of the NVR to something your TV or monitor supports. If you have trouble please contact us by either emailing sales@montavue.com or call us at 888-508-3110.


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