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2 Responses to “Network Video Recorder Manuals (NVR’s)”

  1. Carson

    Having trouble setting up recording for my cameras. Have them all connected and can view them on my app and HDMI output, but want to know how to continuously record all of the cameras for as long as they can, then just re-write the info after a number of days if possible

    • Gary Zito

      this is the default setting. if you have not done any configuring then any camera that is connected to the NVR will record continuously. once the hard drive is full then it will start to overwrite the oldest footage. you can see your recorded footage by going to the main menu. then click on search. Any days that have recorded footage will be shaded. Days that do no will be outlined. Click on a day that is shaded. Then check mark one of the cameras from the list below the calendar. If you do not see any recorded footage then you may want to make sure that the date and time are correct on the NVR. If you continue to have issues please call tech support (888) 508-3110


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