How to Configure The MontavueGO Mobile App to Receive Push Notifications

This video will guide you through the process of configuring the MontavueGO app to receive push notifications on your smartphone or tablet. Once correctly configured you will receive a message with a video or snapshot on your smartphone anytime an Intelligent Video Surveillance alarm is triggered. For information on configuring Intelligent Video Surveillance features please refer to the support page and search for IVS.

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Gary Zito

4 Responses to “MontavueGO – Push Notifications”

  1. Michael Lombardo

    you have a outdated app my screen is different but I managed to get to alarm manager. it has on a screen under camera alarm says no file? and at the bottom it says clear message nothing else so if you can tell me how to fix this or call me 714-222-7574

  2. YAN

    I can’t receive notification if the app is not running. The only time thatbI receive notifications is when I open the app, turn on the live preview and leave the app running in the background. This doesn’t make sense. It would cost me data plan and battery to kerp the app and preview all day long in order to receive notifications. Please help.

    • Gary Zito

      Hi Yan,

      are you using an iPhone? If so then you should still receive push notifications even when the app is closed. However, these notifications will not appear in your message center unless you open the notification. This is due to the way that ios now handles push notifications. If you are not receiving any notifications I would start by checking your ios settings and verify that montavuego is allowed to send push notifications. If you continue to have issues please let me know and we can attempt to further diagnose the issue.


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