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2 Responses to “Video Player”

  1. Lorenz L

    Hello, I installed my montavue 4k camera and got everything configured. I have the files saving to a NAS via FTP on motion events. When I use the video player on your website to load the files nothing happens. No playback of any kind. Any recommendations/help would greatly be appreciated. I copy the files from the NAS to the local computer and its the same issue.

    • Gary Zito

      Hi Lorenz,
      Are the files listed as .DAV files?
      you might try opening the smart player. then at the very top left-hand corner where it says smart player you should see an icon that looks like a folder with a plus icon. Click this icon then navigate to where your .DAV files are stored and select one. The video should automatically start playing. If this does not work then maybe we can set up a time to do a screen share so we can attempt to further diagnose the issue.


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